Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is 1Fetch?
    • 1Fetch is an on-demand, same day, instant motorbike courier/delivery service available at the touch of a button. 1Fetch will connect users to our motorbike drivers through our app or website.
  • How do I access the service?
    • The service is available through our website at or through our mobile app – available on both the Google Play store and Apple App store.
  • How do I download the app?
    • The app is available for free download on both the Apple App store and Google Play store.
    • Download the app by following this link
  • How long will my delivery take?
    • We collect within 90 minutes if your order is within a 20km radius of Sandton. That means that 1Fetch will arrive at the collection location within 90 minutes of acceptance of your quote and carry out your order directly from there. Orders are generally completed within 3 hours.
  • What areas do you service?
    • We service any area in Greater Johannesburg and Pretoria as long as the order is to or from a 20km radius of Sandton or falls within a 20km radius of Sandton.
    • You will be told in real time when setting up your order if we do not support a certain area.
  • Are there any restrictions on the size of my delivery?
    • The boxes on our motor bikes have a capacity of 15kg’s and the following dimensions 660mm x 515mm x 400mm, so if it fits in the delivery box and is within the weight parameter, we can deliver.
  • Can I deliver anything?
    • Refer to our Terms and Conditions published on for a list of restricted items which 1Fetch will not be in a position to deliver.
  • Will you buy something for me?
    • Unfortunately, at this stage we will only collect and deliver for you. Our drivers do not have the ability to pay for goods on collection.
  • How do I contact 1Fetch?
    • Please contact us on 086-111-2710 or through our online chat on our website or on For any support related matters, please email
  • What are your operating hours?
    • o Our standard operating hours are from 08h00 to 17h00, Monday to Friday.
    • Please visit or use our mobile app and click on “Contact Us” for any updates to these hours.
  • Placing orders

  • How do I place an order or request a delivery?
    1. Click on “Place Order”
    2. Either Select “Deliver Now” – where we will collection within 90 minutes, or “Schedule” – where you can schedule your collection at any time from 90 minutes after the current time as long as it falls within our operating hours.
    3. Then click “Collection Info” and enter the address by moving the pin on the map or typing the address in the space provided.
    4. Make sure to enter the contact name, contact number and any specific instructions that our driver needs to be aware of.
    5. Repeat the above for the “Destination Info” or any additional Addresses that you may add. You may add as many addresses as required.
    6. Your quote will be presented to you in real-time.
    7. If logged in and you are happy with the quote, proceed to payment and complete the process. If not logged in or new to the service, you can log in or create an account at this point.
    8. Once payment is made, we will arrive at the collection location within 90 minutes or at the time specified by you.
  • Can I leave my order half way through and revisit it at a later stage?
    • You can resume setting up your order at your earliest convenience.
    • Note that after a certain period of time, the order will expire and you will need to start again.
  • How do I get a quote?

    You do not have to have a registered account to request a quote. Simply begin the process by entering a collection point, together with any specific instructions and then enter a delivery point, together with any specific instructions, and your quote will be updated and displayed in real-time as you progress.

  • How do I add multiple Addresses to my order or what do I do if I have multiple deliveries?
    • Each order requires a minimum of two Addresses – the collection point and delivery point.
    • You may add as many Addresses as you like by clicking “Add New Address. Your quote will be updated in real-time as each new Address is added.
  • Can I change the order in which I have added my Addresses?
    • On the website you can drag and drop your Addresses to sort them in any order.
    • On the app, press the “Rearrange” button and then drag the addresses to change the sequence.
    • Your first address will always reflect as your collection point and your last address will reflect as your delivery point.
  • Why would I want to rearrange my Addresses?
    • You may want to change the order that our driver follows.
    • Your quote will be updated in real-time as the Addresses are rearranged.
    • The total pricing is calculated on the distance between each address with the minimum charge of R75 applying if the distance is less than 6.8kms.
  • What if I want something signed and returned to me?

    You simply need to add an additional and final Address with the same address details as the original Collection Address.

  • What if I want to send something later or can I schedule my delivery?

    When placing your order you are presented with two options at the top of the order:

    • “Deliver Now”, or
    • “Schedule”

    Selecting “Deliver Now” will place your order in our system immediately and we will arrive at the first Address within 90 minutes of you placing and confirming your order.

    Selecting “Schedule” will allow you to schedule an order at any time from 90 minutes after the current time as long as it falls within our operating hours.

  • How will I know if my quote has been accepted and a driver is en route?
    • You will receive a success notification as soon as your order is processed.
    • If you use our mobile app, you will receive instant notifications when the driver is en route and when the driver arrives at each specified Address.
    • All order information, as well as driver tracking, is available under the “Track & Trace” section of our mobile app and website.
  • Is my delivery insured?
    • 1Fetch has cover of up to R10,000 on each delivery; however, payment of any claim is at the sole discretion of 1Fetch and subject to the terms and conditions of its insurers. Proof of value will need to be submitted with every claim and must be within 24 hours of initiation of the delivery.
    • It is, however, up to you to ensure that your delivery is adequately insured.
  • What type of Packaging is required?

    Should the goods not be adequately packaged prior to collection, the goods can be stored in the envelopes or delivery bags provided by 1Fetch. It is at the users discretion whether to make use of the available packaging.

  • Cancellation

  • Can I cancel the delivery and how do I cancel the delivery?
    • If the delivery is cancelled before we collect, no charges will apply and you will not be charged.
    • If the delivery is cancelled once the quote has been accepted, a cancellation fee of R75 will be levied.
    • If the delivery is cancelled once we arrive at the delivery address, the full delivery fee will be charged
    • Please contact us on 086-111-2710 or through our online chat or on in order to assist with the cancellation of your delivery.
  • What if there is no one at the specified address to meet the driver?
    • Our driver will attempt to contact the person specified and will wait for a maximum of 10 minutes at the specified address before cancelling the delivery
    • Should the order be cancelled at the Collection Address, a cancellation fee of R75 will be levied
    • Should the order be cancelled at any subsequent Address, the driver will return the package to Collection Address or 1Fetch office. If no one is available at the Collection Address, the delivery will be left at the point deemed most appropriate by the driver. The full delivery fee will be levied.
  • How will my cancellation fee be levied?
    • A refund will be processed net of your cancellation fee of R75 in the case of a failed collection or cancelled delivery.
    • Should the delivery package be returned to sender, the full delivery fee will be charged.
  • How will my refund be processed should this be required?
    • A refund will be processed to the credit or debit card used to pay for the 1Fetch services or will be returned to your bank account if you paid using instant EFT with Ozow.
    • Please allow for 10 business days in order for the refund to reflect.
  • Costs

  • What does it cost?

    Your same day, instant, on-demand delivery will cost R11.10 per kilometre with a minimum charge of R75. There are no additional charges.

  • How does the charge per kilometre work?

    YWe do not charge for the distance to get to the collection address. You will be charged only for the distance from your original collection address to the delivery address or from the one delivery address to the next delivery address if there are multiple addresses.

  • Payment

  • How do I pay?

    Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards will be accepted as a payment method.

    You can also use Instant EFT with Ozow

  • Are my credit card details safe?
    • We process all transactions through PayGate, an FNB approved 3rd party Payment Service Provider.
    • You have the option of storing your card for your convenience so that placing your next order is much faster.
    • 1Fetch does not itself store your credit card details. Card details are stored in PayGate’s “PayVault” which is a card tokenisation service that enables 1Fetch to store our client’s card details in PayGate’s PCI DSS Level 1 database.
  • How do I pay with Ozow?
    • Select Ozow as your payment option during checkout.
    • Select your bank from the list presented.
    • Log in to your online banking using your online banking credentials.
    • Select an account to pay from.
    • Your bank will send you a form of payment authentication either by means of SMS, USSD Push message or In-App authorization.
    • Once you have successfully authorized your payment, the transaction is marked as complete.
    • Ozow then sends an instant notification to 1Fetch on the outcome of the transaction and in turn, 1Fetch will process your order immediately.
  • What banks are supported by Ozow?
    • Ozow can process Instant EFTs with customers who have an account with one of South Africa’s nine major banks, namely ABSA, FNB, Nedbank, Standard Bank, Capitec, Investec, Tymebank, African Bank, Bidvest Bank.
  • How safe is Ozow?
    • Ozow is registered as a Systems Operator and Third-Party Payment Provider with the Payments Association of South Africa (‘’PASA’’). Ozow applies PCI DSS and SSL security standards to its automated EFT platform.
    • Ozow does not store any information that can be used to access your bank account. Ozow uses the highest encryption standard available, in addition to your Bank multi-factor (MFA) security mechanisms.
  • Tracking

  • Can I track my delivery or how do I track my delivery?
    • Click on “Track & Trace” in the main menu. This will open up all your orders.
    • You can view the driver’s progress by clicking on View Order.
  • How does track and trace work?

    The following information is available to you by clicking on Track and Trace –

    • “Order Details” including the following Status's:
      • Awaiting Dispatch” – Once an order has been successfully placed;
      • “Driver Dispatched” – Once a driver is on his way to the Collection location;
      • “Package En Route” – When the driver leaves the Collection location;
      • “Completed” – When the driver successfully leaves the final Delivery location;
      • “Cancelled” – Should the order be cancelled at any stage during the delivery;
    • “Events” provides real-time milestone updates together with Time Stamps of the driver’s progress.
    • “Proof of Delivery” detailing all the information captured at each of the locations.
  • How will I know if my delivery has been completed?
    • You will receive an email with all information about the order together with the proof of delivery.
    • If you use our mobile app, you will receive instant notifications telling you that the delivery is complete.
  • Can I see my order history?

    Click on “Track & Trace” in the main menu. This will open up the history of all your orders which you can use to find your specific order.

  • Can I repeat an order?

    Click on any Completed Order under Track and Trace. Once you click on View Order, there will be an option to Repeat the Order.

  • Drivers

  • Are your drivers reliable and trustworthy?

    Our drivers undergo detailed training before they are hired, together with a comprehensive background check and ongoing random checks. If they do not meet your expectations, please let us know on

  • Do I need to tip?

    There is no need to tip however our drivers are rated internally by their level of service and we would appreciate it if you rate their service by completing our survey which is included in the completion email you will receive on completion of your delivery.

  • How do I become a driver?

    If you believe that you have what it takes to become a driver, please contact us on